The New Naturopathic Diet

naturopathic-dietTo lose weight slowly but permanently, all the while preventing illness, increasing our energy levels, and improving our general health – this is the promise of The New Naturopathic Diet, the first book to apply the principles of naturopathic medicine to creating a healthy diet. Featured in the new edition of this best-selling book are an expanded selection of healthy food recipes, a chapter on managing children’s weight, and a number of Frequently Asked Questions about weight loss. Diet trends come and go, but the various low-calorie, high-carbohydrate, low-fat, and protein ‘quick fix’ programs are not consistently effective – indeed, these diets may be harmful to our health and lead to weight gain. Without prescribing rigid dietary restrictions or ‘demonizing’ any one food group, Dr Penny Kendall-Reed shows how we can make beneficial long-term dietary changes, teaching our bodies to use food as fuel rather than storing it as food.

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