GeneRx is my genetic platform that allows me to analyze and integrate your Ultimate Genomics by DNA Allure or Health and Ancestry by 23andMe raw data and produce a personalized analysis and treatment protocol.

In order to get the raw SNP DNA data file for me to analyze with GeneRx, first order your DNA collection kit from Ultimate Genomics by DNA Allure or Health and Ancestry by 23andMe.

Our body is controlled by a set of genetic instructions known as our genome or chromosomal blueprint. Our individual DNA provides codes for everything from eye colour to antibody production. It determines our risk for disease, our reaction to stress, our response to illness or injury and how we respond to food, exercise and medication. As an example, some people seem to respond well to high-protein low-carb diets, while for others it is inefficacious. Some individuals benefit from more exercise while others need to control stress. What fits your body best is all coded in your DNA.

The expression or strength of an individual gene can be equated to that of a dimmer switch. It can be in a high “on” position, or close to a low “off” position. While we can’t change our genes, we can change the strength with which they express their traits. This can be achieved through natural supplements, diet, exercise and other lifestyle variables. For example, our detoxification pathway is broken down into 2 phases. Phase-1 is the process whereby the body takes pollutants such as those inhaled from the air or ingested in food, taken as medication or produced as metabolic bi-products, and changes their shape in order to “flag” them for phase-2. Phase-2 detoxification occurs simultaneously, identifying the flagged phase-1 toxin, binding and clearing it from the body. Unfortunately, the “flagged” toxins are particularly pro-inflammatory and carcinogenic until excreted. Some individuals have the CYP gene (controlling Phase-1) turned on “high” and the glutathione/SOD gene (controlling Phase-2) turned off, which results in persistent high levels of “flagged” toxins with subsequent chronic inflammation and high cancer risk. Specific supplements and dietary changes can counteract this situation, not only decreasing the risk of cancer and other inflammatory diseases, but also increasing the overall effectiveness of the detoxification pathways and thus health in general.

Tailoring lifestyle, diet and a supplement regime according to your genetic profile provides a highly individual and more effective way to treat and prevent disease and achieve optimal health.