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How Integrated Genetics Can Help Your Allergy Patients This Fall

Are seasonal allergy symptoms slowing your patients down? As healthcare practitioners, we know that Fall has truly arrived when we see an increase in patients with red, itchy eyes, congested sinuses and fits of sneezing. Far from being limited to respiratory symptoms, this allergenic patient picture can also include hives, rashes, shortness of breath, swelling and GI bloating.

Your patients likely know that they have seasonal allergies, and may be looking to you for symptomatic relief. But are you prepared to answer these patient questions?

  • I tried antihistamines – why didn’t they work?
  • I’ve never had allergies before – why am I getting them now?
  • I got a cold months ago – why do I still have symptoms?

Patients may consider allergy symptoms annoying, but not serious. But you and I know what allergy symptoms are cries for help from a dysfunctional immune system. I’m sure you have many tools in your practitioner toolkit to support immune health. But have you considered where genetics fits in? Let’s take a closer look at which genetic factors influence the immune response, and how using integrated genetics can help you get to the root of your patients’ allergies this Fall.

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HIIT or Endurance? How To Design Personalized Exercise Protocols with Integrated Genetics

How Integrated Genetics Can Help You Design Personalized Exercise Protocols

Why Single SNP Analysis Doesn’t Work in Exercise Protocols


Are your patients out of shape? Five months into the sedentary pandemic lifestyle, your patients may be asking you how to drop those extra pounds. This is a golden opportunity to help your patients find new and exciting exercise options. But which style is best – HIIT or endurance?

As with any personalized recommendation, the answer depends on the patient. And their genetics. But did you know that viewing genes in isolation doesn’t give you the full patient picture? In fact, prescribing an exercise protocol without integrating your gene analysis could do your patients more harm than good.

Let’s take a look at why single gene analysis can be dangerous, and how you can use integrated gene analysis to design safe, effective, super-personalized exercise protocols for your patients.

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