The No Crave Diet

Tackling the problem head on, this guide enables weight loss by conquering the cravings
that threaten to jeopardize a diet.  It explains what, how and when to eat in order to
reduce the desire to snack and provides a host of tips for switching off food cravings in
any situation.  Revealing how managing stress, sleep and exercise reduces cravings, the
guide teaches how to increase the body’s ability to burn fat, even while sleeping.
Simple exercises, recipes, therapies and supplements to reduce are cravings are
recommended, and case studies from the author’s patients illustrate how it has worked
for them.  Dieters can learn how to indulge safely and enjoy the odd treat without fear
of relapsing into bad habits.  Founded on the latest research into how the brain controls
hunger, this is simply the most effective permanent weight loss and health plan.

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