Help for Seasonal Allergies

Atchoo! Sneezing, runny eyes and rashes, otherwise known as allergies are “over-reactions” of the immune system. Most symptoms result from the direct stimulation of mast cells, located in tissues throughout the body including the skin, lungs and eyes. When an allergen, such as dust or pollen, attaches itself to a mast cell, it stimulates the cell to release histamine, a chemical that causes those unpleasant allergy symptoms.

There are several supplements that can help. Bioflavinoids, such as quercitin, decrease the sensitivity of mast cells, making them less likely to secrete histamine in the presence of an allergen. Stinging Nettle and bromelain, possess natural decongestant properties to help decrease stuffiness without drying up the nasal passages or skin.

Changing your diet to avoid foods such as strawberries, peanuts and shellfish, which stimulate additional histamine release in everyone, may also be helpful.

Decreasing your exposure to airborn irritants like dust and moulds is equally important. Always keep pillows and sheets clean, use an air purifier, and maintain a balanced humidity level in the house.

With these small changes you can greatly reduce allergic reactions and enjoy a healthy, normal lifestyle.