Holiday in a Bottle

Nature’s Answer to Stress.

Human milk contains a high concentration of peptides or chains of amino acids. The trypsin hydrolysate decapeptide is one particular sequence of amino acids that is 10 units long and has been shown to possess strong anxiolytic properties. In the infant with an immature digestive system there is only a trace amount of the enzyme pepsin, which normally breaks down long peptide chains. As a result they absorb more of the longer chain molecules including trypsin hydrolysate decapeptide. This may account for additional soothing effect a mother’s milk has on a child beyond simply satisfying the stressful situation of being hungry.

Adults have a high level of the pepsin enzyme and the small amount of trypsin hydrolysate decapeptide found in cow’s milk is rapidly broken down. However, by increasing the ingested amount of the decapeptide through natural supplementation, the capacity of pepsin to break it down is exceeded and a certain amount is absorbed. In this way adults can also experience the anxiolytic effect of this naturally occurring peptide.

Clinical research has demonstrated the effectiveness of this milk peptide as an anxiolytic. One comparative, randomized, double blind controlled study evaluated healthy volunteers according to the Cattell Anxiety Scale under stressful circumstances with and without the consumption of the milk peptide. Subjects had to complete mental tasks, dexterity tests and anxiety questionnaires while being monitored for blood pressure, heart rate, cortisol and ACTH levels. Besides performing better at the tests, those without the milk peptides had significantly higher cortisol and CRH levels, as well as higher blood pressure as compared to those with the peptides.

Other studies have revealed that milk peptides exhibit diazepam-like effects on the stress response and activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. The decapepetides demonstrate partial binding to the GABA receptors, which allows for relaxation without sedation or grogginess.

Milk peptides, not only are clinically effective and are also safe to use with children, adults, those allergic to lactose, and can be combined with any pharmaceutical anti-anxiety or anti-depressant. Take control of your stress by taking a mini-holiday from a bottle.